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Position Papers
Packaging – An Important Tool for A Sustainable Society
World Packaging Organisation, October 2011
Society demands, without really knowing it, that Packaging Professionals ‘get it right.’ Efficient and effective use of resources in packaging is essential to Society’s aim to become more Sustainable. The World Packaging Organization is committed to continuing to bring together many of the great minds within the Packaging Community as we work toward our goal of “Better Quality Of Life Through Better Packaging For More People”.
The Role and Importance of Packaging Competitions and Awards
World Packaging Organisation, October 2011
There are several issues that this position paper seeks to explore. First, what is the purpose of such schemes, secondly, what is the difference between an awards scheme and a competition, and finally the need for integrity, openness and transparency in the organisation of competitions and awards.
LCA – Life Cycle Assessment
World Packaging Organisation, October 2011
In the environmental area one of the most important tools is Life Cycle Assessment, (LCA) and a successful attempt to combine different dimensions has been made through Eco Efficiency methodology, where Financial and Environmental aspects have been incorporated.
Packaging and Food Safety
World Packaging Organisation, April 2009
Packaging is an essential medium for preserving food quality, minimising food wastage and reducing preservatives used in food. The packaging serves the important function of containing the food, protecting against chemical and physical damage whilst providing information essential to consumers and marketers.
The Case for Packaging
World Packaging Organisation, April 2009
Superior packaging is about changing our habits and our mindset so that we think in a different hierarchy, with the 4 R’s nearer the top of the list. No matter what the solutions, they are likely to be part of a long-term incremental process that will employ a blend of technologies, applied in context, with a measure of common sense.
Packaging is the Answer to World Hunger
World Packaging Organisation, March 2009
The World Packaging Organisation (WPO) General Secretary Carl Olsmats and the International Packaging Press Organisation (IPPO - President Bo Wallteg, have published a joint position paper that highlights the key contribution of packaging to sustainability and the fight against hunger in the world. WPO and IPPO are promoting good packaging and logistics systems as "the answer to world hunger". Carl Olsmats and Bo Wallteg said the increased demand for food did not necessarily require increased production, but better packaging usage to ensure less food is wasted.
Education and Training
World Packaging Organisation, September 2008
WPO believes that education is a life-time companion to mankind and society. As its humble contribution to the global community, WPO through its oriented training and education support will help in creating employment opportunity, adding value, and reducing waste of precious product.
Market Trends and Developments
World Packaging Organisation, April 2008
There are a number of market developments with major implications for the packaging industry. Designs have to improve continuously to meet the changing market and sustainability needs. Emerging markets, with a growing middle class, adopting a consumption life style, implies business opportunities.
Packaging Technology
World Packaging Organisation, April 2008
The advancement or improvement of other packaging technologies is now under way to respond to the three streams of environmental conservation, considering seniors and disabled people, and food safety and reassurance. In particular, further improvement has been made in the technologies of the existing aseptic fill system, foreign-matter-detection, soft-X-ray inspection, marking, in-mold labels, in-line blow fill, shrink labels, and blow-off.
WPO Position on Waste and Recycling
World Packaging Organisation, August 2014
The World Packaging Organisation believes that packaging should be designed to fit its original purpose, while taking all expected recovery methods into perspective. This has to be done to fit into existing or planned waste management schemes. The world is heading towards a recycling society and the packaging community together with all players in the delivery chain must act accordingly. Packaging is part of the solution to achieve tomorrow’s sustainable society.
Prevention and reduction of food losses and food waste via appropriate packaging
World Packaging Organisation, March 2016
Under the Chairmanship of Dr Johannes Bergmair, this new initiative aims to address the serious global issue of food wastage through improved and innovative packaging solutions.
Education and Training in Packaging 2017
World Packaging Organisation, May 2017
To be able to get a full comprehension of the topic of Packaging Education we need to commence with an overall understanding of what packaging is and the role that education can and should have in packaging.
Packaging and Supply Chain Management 2017
World Packaging Organisation, May 2017
It is quite clear that packaging can contribute significantly to overall supply chain performance. To realize this potential, it is important for the packaging industry to build and develop long-term relations not only with the direct customers, but also customers’ customers and ultimately end-users. Packaging systems that are fit for use and designated for special roles and functions in the supply chain are necessary. Supply chain integration is a key packaging strategy to fulfil the holistic packaging mission to save more resources than it costs.

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