Global Initiatives

The World Packaging Organisation’s vision is to provide “Better quality of life through better packaging for more people” and its vision is achieved through a number of missions.

  • Stimulating interest in packaging design, sustainability and marketing is achieved through the WorldStar Packaging Award programme. WorldStar Awards regularly attracts packaging entries from countries around the world and offers an opportunity for companies to be measured against the best in class and provides a clear view as to the status and standard of the global packaging market.
  • WorldStar Student Award is an initiative that is growing in popularity. As a result of this competition WPO members have initiated their own student award programmes, submitting winning packs to the WorldStar Awards for adjudication, thereby stimulating and offering incentives for students to become interested in packaging as a future vocation. 
  • WPO have established an international packaging training programme that combines the strength of WPO members in offering students the opportunity of receiving world class instruction and at the same time experiencing the challenges and opportunities of developing countries.
  • Member networking forms a natural part of the WPO member interaction. Under these conditions capacity building offers real opportunities for skill and education training to take place.
  • There is a structure in place that enables WPO members to have their packaging courses evaluated by packaging professionals and receive WPO course recognition.
  • WPO are actively involved in assisting countries in the establishment of packaging institutes/associations. This work not only benefits the local packaging industry but promotes both local and international trade. This is achieved through making packaging training available to the local industry.
  • The WPO Newsletter provides opportunities for WPO members to publish news related to their local packaging environment as well as members receiving news of what is taking place around the world.
  • Conferences and exhibitions are important hubs and venues for knowledge transfer and networking. WPO and its members organize and participate actively in conferences and exhibitions throughout the world.
  • WPO operates a modern informative website that strives to provide a facility that is a packaging reference on all subjects related to packaging. 
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