Article 1: Name
Article 2: Location
Article 3: Objectives
Article 4: Membership
Article 5: Board of Directors
Article 6: Executive Committee
Article 7: Elected Officials
Article 8: Agenda
Article 9: Projects and Work Committees
Article 10: Finance
Article 11: Polling
Article 12: Languages
Article 13: Amendments
Article 14: Disbandment

Article 1 : Name

The World Packaging Organisation, hereinafter WPO, is a voluntary, not for profit, international, nongovernmental organisation open to individuals, societies, companies, educational institutions, and government departments whose principal activities are concerned with any of the many aspects of packaging technology, science, engineering and commerce.

Article 2 : Location

The WPO shall have its headquarters and offices at such place as may be determined by its Board of Directors.

Article 3 : Objectives

The WPO's main objectives are to work through the national packaging organisations and other members and interested parties to:

  1. Promote globally the development of packaging technology, science and engineering;
  2. Stimulate development of packaging skills and expertise;
  3. Encourage communication concerning packaging technology, applications and achievements.
  4. Provide a forum for those organisations interested in furthering the state of the art of packaging;
  5. Monitor and communicate with its members concerning packaging-related issues such as consumer safety, food preservation, and environmental impact;
  6. Assist in the creation of conditions that will help optimise the conservation, preservation and distribution of foodstuffs and other packaged products;
  7. Contribute to the development of international trade;
  8. Advise on the formation and operation of national packaging organisations and institutes;
  9. Provide information on sources of packaging knowledge; and
  10. Engage in other such activities relating to packaging as approved by its Board of Directors.

Article 4 : Membership

Memberships in the WPO are accepted by the President and effective upon payment of the appropriate dues as determined from time to time by the Board of Directors. Membership acceptance is subject to confirmation by the Board of Directors.

  1. Any membership may be suspended by a majority vote of the Directors.
  2. Members may withdraw from the organisation at any time, but membership fees paid are not refundable.
  3. There shall be maximum one vote per country and “first come first serve principle” should be applied to determine who should have voting right for a country. Exceptionally the Board of Directors may decide otherwise
  4. There shall be four classes of Membership:
  • Full Membership (voting) is granted to the Regional Packaging Federations and to the National Packaging Institutes or other bodies (e.g. Industrial and Trade Associations, Professional Associations) which represent a multitude of packaging materials and the packaging interests in their respective countries / regions.
  • Full Membership (non-voting) is granted to bodies as defined in Article 4, E.1, joining as second, third and so on member from a country/ region.
  • Affiliate Membership (non-voting) is granted to any other national or international body, commercial or not for profit, interested in or concerned with packaging.
  • Honorary Membership (non-voting) is granted by the Board of Directors to individuals in recognition of service to packaging and to the World Packaging Organisation.

Article 5 : Board of Directors

  1. The Board of Directors comprises of representatives from Full Members. It is the final authority of the organisation.
  2. A quorum shall be established by the President (or temporary President, see point F) at each meeting and shall comprise of the President and at least two representatives of the Full Members.
  3. The Board shall act to implement programmes, monitor and report on the progress thereof, and propose new programmes.
  4. The Board shall meet at least once each calendar year at the call of the President.
  5. The President shall cause the General Secretary to prepare and distribute to all Board Members an agenda 60 days in advance of a Board Meeting.
  6. The President shall have only a tie-breaking vote. If the President is not in attendance, the Board may elect a temporary President for that meeting. Such member being elected shall retain the vote for the Full Member as well as have the tie-breaking vote of President.

Article 6 : Executive Committee

  1. An Executive Committee is authorised to conduct the business of the organisation between Board Meetings. All of its actions are subject to review by the full Board.
  2. The Executive Committee shall be chaired by the President and at least have three Vice Presidents who are representatives of full members. The General Secretary serves as ex-officio.
  3. Election shall coincide with the Presidential election and members shall serve three-year terms.
  4. The President may appoint members to vacancies which may occur. Such appointment shall be presented to the Board at its next meeting for ratification.
  5. The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the President.
  6. A quorum comprises of the President and at least two other members.
  7. The President shall provide a complete report of all such meetings to the Board of Directors at its next meeting.
  8. The Executive Committee shall also serve as the Nominating Committee.

Article 7 : Elected Officials


  1. Full Members are entitled to nominate representative to the Board of Directors.
  2. Regional Federation Full Members may have up to three such representatives, one of whom shall be nominated by the Regional Federation as its Vice-President, with one vote, the others being known as Directors (non-voting).
  3. National Institute Full Members may each nominate one representative, to be known as a Director, with one vote.
  4. There is no limit as to how many terms such representatives may serve on the Board, so long as he or she is reappointed by the Full Member.


  1. The President, who shall be representative of a WPO Full member, shall be elected for no more than two three-year terms.
  2. Once elected, the President shall become a supernumerary member of the Board and have only a tie-breaking vote. The Full Member the President formerly represented is entitled to name a new representative to the Board to vote its interests.

General Secretary

  1. The General Secretary shall be elected for three-year terms by the Board upon nomination by the President.
  2. The General Secretary shall maintain all files and records of WPO, handle correspondence, act as a custodian of the treasury and arrange compliance of WPO activities with applicable regulatory bodies.
  3. Under the direction of the President, the General Secretary shall attend meetings of the Board and keep Minutes of the meetings.

Article 8 : Agenda

The following Agenda shall be followed at each Board of Directors meeting.

  1. Roll call to establish a quorum.
  2. Approval of Minutes of the previous meeting.
  3. Membership and financial status reports.
  4. President's report.
  5. Special and working committees' reports.
  6. Adoption of programmes of work.
  7. Presentation/review of budget.
  8. Unfinished business.
  9. New business.
  10. Future meetings.
  11. Adjournment.

Article 9 : Projects and Work Committees

  • The WPO may undertake special projects and organize task forces for implementation of such projects as required. Report on all such activities shall be included in the President's report to the Board.
  • Each project and task force shall be chaired by a member of the Board who shall be held accountable for use of funds allocated to an assigned project objective.

Article 10 : Finance

  • Funding for ordinary WPO activities shall be obtained from membership dues and contributions. Funds from other sources, such as gifts, endorsements, and competition surpluses, shall be used at the discretion of the Board unless otherwise designated to a special project by the contributor.
  • WPO's fiscal year shall begin January 1st and end on December 31st. The accounts shall be reviewed by an external Agency and submitted to the Board at its first meeting of the year or by post not later than six months after the close of its fiscal period, whichever occurs first.

Article 11 : Polling

Decisions in accordance with the provisions of the Statues may be taken by poll of the Board of Directors when deemed necessary by the President. Such results will be confirmed by the President, General Secretary, and one other Board Member, and then reported promptly to the Full Members.

Article 12 : Languages

English is the official language of the WPO and will be used in all meetings and proceeding.

Article 13 : Amendments

  • Proposal to amend the Statues must be submitted by a Full Member to the General Secretary at least 80 days in advance of a regularly scheduled or special meeting of the Board and be included on the agenda for that meeting.
  • Changing the Statues requires a two-thirds majority vote of proxies and those attending and authorised to vote at a meeting at which a quorum has been established. Valid proxies must be in writing and presented at the meeting at the time of voting.

Article 14 : Disbandment

  1. The Board may vote to disband the WPO provided notification of such intent is included on the agenda of a regular or special Board Meeting.
  2. For this purpose, at least one half of the Full Members must vote and the vote must carry a two-thirds majority.
  3. Such voting may be conducted at the direction of the President either at a Board Meeting or under the provisions of Article 11.
  4. In the event of disbandment, the President shall ensure that all current business of the WPO is concluded, that all outstanding financial obligations are satisfied as permitted by the treasury at that time, and that any remaining funds are disbursed to an not for profit organisation whose objective is to further the purposes of international packaging.
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